6SL7GT/ 6SL7GTY CV1985 ECC35 Brimar Valve Tube Brown Base x 2 Used (P8)


1 x 6SL7GTY miltary code MHKB/FB and 1 x 6SL7GT military code JGKB/FB

Oblong bar getter

Grey tubular anodes

Made in England

1960’s production

There are numbers scratched on the base (see photos)

Test strong

Test results:

6SL7GTY  V1  – A1: 2.15ma 1.2gm  A2: 2.18ma 1.2gm

6SL7GT   V1  – A1: 2.25ma 1.3gm  A2: 2.25ma 1.3gm


Weight: 0.25kg

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